We are a boutique winery that is located only 4 kilometres from Ronda. Our vineyards are planted on the slopes of the protected area of the Sierra de las Nieves National Park If you would like to know about how our wines are made, discover our winery and enjoy the surroundings where we are situated, we organise visits to our winery. We also invite you, as well, to discover the rich culture, history and scenery of the “Serranía de Ronda”.

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The Serranía de Ronda is in a priveleged area, with the Parque Natural Sierra de las Nieves National Park to the east, the western part of the Costa del Sol to the south and the Sierra de Cádiz and the cultivated lands of Jerez in the province of Cádiz to the west and north.

Acinipo and Ronda: romans and wine.

The archaeological site of Acinipo is situated in the Ronda mountains, 20 kilometres from the town of Ronda.  Occupied since Neolithic times, Acinipo has remains from the Copper and Bronze Ages. However, its age of greatest splendour was, without doubt, during the Roman occupation, especially from the end of the first century A.D.
In the Roman period when Ronda was known as Arunda, a lot of economic activity was generated  around the town of Acinipo. Proof of this is the fact that coins have been found which, curiously, were minted with a bunch of grapes on one of the faces.